The Plumb Site offers a wide range of high-quality plumbing supplies suitable for a commercial and domestic application.

  • Inhibitors

    We sell top brand inhibitors with a proven track record in the plumbing industry. Used regularly these products will lengthen the life of your central heating system.

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves

    TMV - Thermostatic Mixing Valve - is a mechanical valve that mixes hot and cold water to provide a safe, controlled hot water outlet temperature to either showers, baths or wash hand basins. A TMV reduces scalding risks within a care environment. Scalding risks exists in care environments as the hot water system is normally circulated around the building between 55 - 65°C.  It circulates at this temperature to reduce the risk of the Legionella bacteria, however this circulating temperature is unsafe for bathing or showering. TMV's are used to further reduce and regulate the temperature of hot water to a safer temperature for bathing, showering and general hygiene. TMV's also have a failsafe safety function should there be a disruption to either the hot or cold water supply - known as TMV's failsafe function.

  • Pumps

    The Plumb Site use top brand, reliable pumps for both commercial and domestic use.

  • Hot Water Heaters

    Electric water heaters are an energy efficient way to heat water. The Plumb Site offers a safe, reliable, cost effective range of instantaneous and stored water heaters suitable for most applications. Either over-sink or under-sink, our range of water heaters are perfect for commercial use, domestic properties and any situation that requires instant hot water.

  • Cylinders

    Cylinders are simply tanks that store hot water and pass it through taps and showers when required. The Plumb Site offers two types of cylinder - one for use with a boiler, the other which allows you to add solar water heating to your system.

  • Unvented Kits

    All hot water storage cylinders must be fitted in-conjunction with a suitably sized unvented kit. The kit includes all the relevant components required to comply G3 regulations when installing an unvented cylinder with a boiler.

  • Saniflo

    Create an additional half bathroom without major construction. Our range of macerators offer a quiet pumping system that's ideal to install a toilet and a sink.

  • Ventilation

    The Plumb Site offers a wide range of Vent-Axia fan products and accessories to provide domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions. All at super low prices!

  • MDPE Fittings

    We stock Plasson’s extensive range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. The combination of Plasson’s high quality products & our first class customer service make it a world leader in the production of plastic pipe fittings.

  • Endfeed Fittings

    Ensure you're always fully stocked for all your installations with a wide range of end feed fittings to fit a variety of requirements.

  • Brass Compression Fittings

    Our brass compression fittings are well engineered and easy to assemble, providing excellent sealing qualities. They are suitable for use with a variety types of tubing.

  • Valves

    The Plumb Site stocks a wide range of valves suitable for all commercial applications, large or small. Our valves are supplied by well known, industry standard manufacturers.

  • Meters

    The Plumb Sites' range of hot and cold magnetic drive water meters provide an accurate and reliable way of monitoring water usage for properties when fitted on the dedicated supply line. Our water meters feature a 360° rotatable meter for ease of reading and are supplied with pipe fittings.

  • Air Dirt Seperator

    ThePlumbSite offers a ranges of Air Dirt Separators in a variety of different sizes. Quality Air Dirt Separators at competitive prices.    

  • Plumbing Accessories

    The Plumb Site offers a great range of boiler accessories perfect for use in trade heating installations. Our high quality products are supplied by some of the leading names including names Adey, Baxi, Vaillant, Ideal, Woscester, Evomax and Potterton. Our boiler accessories are the perfect choice for your next project - be it commercial or domestic. 

    For domestic boiler accessories please see the Boiler section.

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