Commercial Radiators

Check out the wide range of commercial radiators to suit any application. With all the radiators meeting certain guideline, it shouldn't take too long to find the perfect radiator for you.

  • LST Radiators

    Low Surface Temperature Radiators are one of the most popular radiators in the UK. LST radiators meet the NHS Guidance requirements for safe hot water and surface temperature and are finished in antibacterial paint as standard making them the number one choice for any commercial building.

    Every LST radiator comes with an unique, smooth outer body, which is flexible to allow piping adjustments. The casing is held by security fittings with a seam fixing bracket system to stop any unauthorised access to the emitter and for added protection, the smooth surface is coated in anti-bacterial paint.

    The emitter provides great heating outputs making it very efficient. Strictly controlled testing ensures that each emitter is guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) and conform to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators.

    The Plumb Site makes sure that all of the LST radiators come complete in one robust package, and, as you would expect, every LST radiator is guaranteed to deliver outstanding performance all year round.

  • LSTi Radiators

    Stelrad LSTi Radiator is the next generation of the Stelrad LST. These Radiators are available in a wide range of sizes with an updated, round edged, modern design.

    The LSTi Plus radiator has an Danfoss RAS-D Remote Sensor installed within the radiator as standard to meet commercial requirements. The Danfoss RAS-D Remote Sensor can be pre-set to allow adjustments to room temperature which is a great addition to the LSTi Radiator range. Plus, an arthritic adaptor is supplied as standard for special need environments that makes the LSTi radiator range one of the leading commercial heating appliances. The LSTi Radiator has a lockshield valve which can only be adjusted with a 6mm Allen key but most importantly it comes with a neat metal cover to discourage unauthorised tampering.

    Each Stelrad LSTi radiator comes with a unique, smooth panel outer casing, that can be flexible to allow any piping adjustments. LSTi radiator casing is easy to install and is held by security fittings with a unique seam fixing bracket system to prevent unauthorised access to the emitter inside. LSTi Radiators also have anti-bacterial paint coated onto the surface to meet commercial requirements making it the perfect commercial radiator.