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Stelrad Compact K1 Radiator 600 x 2000


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Radiator TypeK1/Single Convector
BTU Range6,001 - 7,000
BTU Output6689
Watts Output1960
Manufacturers Warranty10 Years

Those looking to upgrade or change their existing radiators will find the impressive new Stelrad compact radiator series perfect replacements. They are visually striking, a far cry from standard radiators both in appearance and performance. It is among the best radiator series available in the market.

Each radiator comes with a sleek finish that includes a curved top grille and stylish side panels. When compared to its peers it is way ahead in looks and durability. Buying a radiator should be a long time investment and you get just that when you opt for a Stelrad product. If you are having your home renovated you will find the Stelrad radiator series will add to your property’s appeal.

Homeowners can rest assured that each product’s packaging ensures they do not suffer damage when in storage or transit. For this, we use robust packaging that keeps it free from scratches and dents. It will arrive at your home or business in pristine shape as at the time of manufacture. Each radiator comes with an unbeatable 15-year Stelrad warranty, which ensures you can put it to maximum use if needed. One of the most attractive aspects of buying Stelrad radiators is its very competitive pricing, available only at The Plumb Site. Place your order today and the product will arrive at your address within the next 7 working days.

Stelrad Compact K1 600 x 2000 Single Panel Single Convector Radiator

For those homes or businesses that need a compact radiator for a limited area of space, the KI compact radiator would be the ideal choice. It is sleek and compact in appearance and consists of a single panel and one set of internal convectors. It is the most streamlined of the Stelrad CompactSoftline radiator models and produces good heat for a limited area. Reliable and energy efficient they are just 77 mm in width.

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